Johnny Appleseed’s Guilty Pleasure

Made with Five & 20 Straight Rye Whiskey and Five & 20 Applejack
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    Complex yet balanced, this cocktail will take the chill off any day. An enticing blend of our Applejack and Rye Whiskey; a touch of lemon juice, rounded out with apple cider & a whisper of maple syrup.


    1.5 oz. Five & 20 Applejack
    .75 oz. Five & 20 Straight Rye
    .25 oz. lemon juice
    .25 oz. maple syrup
    .25 oz. Balsam American Amaro
    2 oz. apple cider
    Apple slice


    Add ingredients to a shaker with ice.
    Strain into double rocks glass over ice.
    Garnish with a dehydrated apple slice.

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