Lighthouse Lager

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  • ABV


  • IBU


  • SRM

    2.5 (Pale Straw)

Grain Bill

NY Empire malt, Vienna malt, Munich malt, Pilsner malt


NY Magnum hops used in the boil kettle for a balancing bitterness, and a late addition of Hallertauer Tradition hops to bring the traditional Noble hop flavors and aromas.

Brewing Notes

Low mash temperature for a crisp, clean body. Good malt structure from the Pilsner, Vienna, and Munich malts without being too sweet.

Tasting Notes

Bright straw in appearance with a creamy head. Crisp and clean with light malt character. Noble hop flavors and aromas of traditional European lagers. Wonderfully easy-drinking and finishing balanced between the malt sweetness and the hops.

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