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  • ABV


  • IBU


  • SRM

    8.5 (Deep Golden/Straw)

Grain Bill

NY Pale Malt, Wheat Malt, and Vienna Malt.


NY Nuggets in the boil for bittering, Chi­nook and Cascade added into the kettle nearly at the end of boil. NY Cluster Hops added to whirl­pool for flavor/aroma. Torpedo style dry hop with whole cone hops from a local grower to add bright citrus and grass flavor and aroma.

Brewing Notes

Mashed at a slightly higher than normal temperature to increase the body and malt flavor of the beer. The strong body and malt backbone help to create a balance with the powerful bitterness created by adding copious amounts of hops to the boil.

Tasting Notes

Deep golden/straw colored with strong pineapple, citrus and fresh cut grass aromas. Medium carbonation and moderate perceived bitterness. This Double IPA has powerful citrus and grass flavors and a slight malt note that lingers on the palate.

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