Bourbon Finished in Red Wine Casks

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  • Aging

    Aged 24 m plus


70% NY Corn, 15% NY rye, 15% barley malt

Distilling Notes

This whiskey started out in new, charred American oak barrels for a minimum of 24 months that provides the robust caramel and vanilla notes which complements the sweetness of the bourbon.  After this initial aging, the whiskey is transferred into freshly emptied wine casks from our own winery.  The casks held a varietal called Regent that has a robust, fruity character without an excess of tannins that could exacerbate the “heat” of the whiskey.  Because the casks came from our own winery, they were filled with whiskey within 24 hours of the wine being removed.  This ensures the freshness of the barrels which provides the maximum flavor and aroma impact.  Finishing (an additional 16 months) in these wine casks gives the whiskey a rich, fruity note that complements the sweet corn and caramel notes of the bourbon whiskey.


Enjoy this special expression of our Bourbon neat, on the rocks or with a splash of water.

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