We’re Partnering with the Erie Phil to Celebrate Beethoven 4/4


We are proud to be partnering with the Erie Philharmonic to help them to celebrate and commemorate the Beethoven 4/4 Festival, a lead-up to Beethoven’s 250th Birthday.

Each year, Mazza will create one signature drink for Beethoven 4/4 in celebration of Beethoven’s journey from young composer to larger-than-life icon.

The first year of the Beethoven 4/4 Festival will feature a beer inspired by Beethoven’s birthplace – Cologne.

Beethoven 4/4 Commemorative Kölsch Style Ale

This Kölsch Ale, which was launched on September 24, is available in 750 mL commemorative bottles (at Five & 20 Spirits & Brewing in Westfield, NY) as well as on tap at the Warner Theater and at various restaurants across the city.

The second and fourth year of the festival will feature a ginever, both unaged and aged.

The third year will be centered around a German-themed wine.

More information about Beethoven 4/4