The Five & 20 Spirits & Brewing team works closely with nearby farmers to source the very best grains for their craft whiskies and beers, as well as to support and sustain their local community. Their commitment to sustainability doesn’t end there. Byproduct from the distillery and brewery is reused to support the onsite fish farm built by Timberfish Technologies. Innovation combined with good, old-fashioned community relationships produce a higher quality product in your glass.


TimberFish Technologies broke ground for their commercial demonstration project at our Westfield location in 2016. This project will produce fish by reusing all the byproduct nutrients from the distillery and brewery production at the site. These will be combined with locally produced wood chips to sustainably generate a food chain that produces contaminant-free, high-quality fish such as trout and salmon at an economically attractive price. The facility will also produce clean water and a high-energy biofuel. Find more information on the TimberFish project here.