Our spirits production facility was built with an eye on versatility, not only to accommodate both distilling and brewing under the Five & 20 brand, but also a growing variety of private label contract projects. High proof, clean spirits such as vodka and gin begin in our 500 liter Christian Carl still with an 11 plate column, and our more flavorful spirits such as whiskies and brandies start out in our 2500 liter Vendome pot still. The mash for our whiskies are made in a 10 barrel (310 gallon) combo brewhouse that also serves our brewery operation, and are fermented in our bank of five 660 gallon tanks.


In addition to the corn, rye, and oats that we grow on our own farm, we also source locally grown ingredients from these nearby farms:

Vilardo Farms, Westfield, NY: Rye, oats, grapes

Schofield Farms, Westfield, NY: Corn

Lakeview Organics, Penn Yan, NY: Oats

1886 Malt, Fulton, NY: Barley Malt


With hands-on experience since 2008 and several technical short-courses for distilling, Joe has found his passion and his niche in distillation. His repertoire has grown along with his knowledge and skills; from a previous venture in brewing beer, it has expanded into all areas of fermentation, including mead, wine, spirits & whiskey.