Cream Ale

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  • ABV


  • IBU


  • SRM

    4.2 (Pale Yellow)

Grain Bill

NY Pale Malt, Flaked Corn, Flaked Oats, Vienna Malt


NY Cascade and west coast Cascade during the boil for bittering. NY Cluster in the whirlpool for flavor and aroma.

Tasting Notes

Slightly sweet corn flavors upfront with a light, dry body and finish. Notes of mint and floral aromas and flavors for the light dry hop. Effervescent carbonation for a refreshingly light, summery mouth feel. Overall, a refreshing summery beer to be enjoyed cold on a hot afternoon.

Brewing Notes

Mashed at a lower temperature for fermentability and dry finish. Low hop additions in the kettle and whirlpool for flavor and aroma to keep a balance with the light body.

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