Flame Cranium

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  • ABV


  • IBU


  • SRM

    38 (Red)

Grain Bill

NY Pale Malt, NY Aromatic 20 Malt, C-60, C-120 and malted hops


Malt, NY C-120 Nugget Malt, hops and for malted bittering, wheat NY Cascade and west coast Cascade hops for finishing.

Brewing Notes

This beer has a brilliant red color, imparted by the NY Aromatic malt and the various Caramel malts. Moderate hop additions keep this beer well balanced. Mashed at 153°F to give this Red Ale a medium body. Fermented with a clean fermenting ale yeast strain.

Tasting Notes

A medium bodied, dark amber/red appearance, with sweet biscuit and moderate caramel notes. This beer has slight dark fruit aromas and a well balanced American hop profile. It finishes with a smooth mouthfeel.

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