Our Roots

For 40 years, Mazza’s main focus has been creating Lake Erie wines of distinction, beginning with Mazza Vineyards in North East, PA.  In 2005, we began a small craft-distilling operation in our Mayville Mazza Chautauqua location, crafting Eau de Vie (fruit brandy), grappa, and spirits for our fortified wines.  Demand for distilled products grew, as did our thirst for offering our customers new products to enjoy, and the expansion of our distillery became an obvious next step.

Distiller Joe Nelson with imported CARL Artisan Pot Still


Our Location & Facility: Grain-to-Glass

In our wine production, we work to produce wines that are indicative of local flavor, and do so by working closely with local growers and utilizing local grapes & fruits. We’ve taken this model to another level with our new location, where each phase will grow us towards a  “Grain-to-glass” distillery/brewing operation on our 80 acre property in Westfield, NY.  This is the first facility of its kind in the Great Lake’s region.

Small Batch Distilling – The Products

Five & 20 Spirits produces quality, small-batch products. Working with small batches allows for greater attention to detail, and it also allows us to be creative & flexible with our products so we can offer you exciting and unique beverages.  And because of our grain-to-glass model, we will be able to provide you with a truly local taste in a growing industry.


The Trifecta of Enjoyment – Wine, Spirits & BEER

We expanded our distillery in 2015 into a combination distillery/brewery. With this expansion, we’ve become a unique location, NY state’s first combination winery, distillery and brewery. Following the model of our wineries and our distillery, we’re again working with local farmers to utilize local agricultural products in our beers. Prepared with local ingredients, brewed in small batches, and purposefully unfiltered to preserve flavor, you’ll see that our Five & 20 Brewing craft beers are on par with the quality you’ve come to know from the Mazza and Five & 20 names.

All For Your Enjoyment

We encourage you to visit our unique Westfield location to enjoy all of our offerings. Visit our tasting room to sample from our wide variety of wines, spirits & beers on tap. Our wines & beers are also available by the glass to enjoy on site, and our beers are now available by growler-fill or by the bottle to take home. Our picturesque courtyard is the perfect spot to sit back, relax, and take in the country air during the warmer months. We can’t wait to see you there!

Don’t forget to stop by our other wineries during your visit to Lake Erie Wine Country for the full Mazza Experience.