An Eclectic Cohort of Creative Spirits

Inspired by the agriculture that surrounds us, our brewery and sister winery, and the magic (or is it chemistry?) of barrel aging, our distilling team is always experimenting. From limited-release to not-yet-released, these spirits are what happens when creativity meets craftsmanship. Our Straight Bourbon and Straight Rye Whiskey are available year-round, while other expressions are being released on a limited rotational basis as they are ready. Visit our spirits page to see what’s currently available.

Whiskey Expressions Coming Soon:
Bourbon Finished in Red Wine Casks: Grain Bill: 70% corn, 15% Rye, 15 Barley. 49.5% alcohol by volume.
Deep Water Bourbon: Grain Bill: 95% corn, 5% barley malt. Aged for a minimum of 7 years. 49.5% alcohol by volume.