Adopt a Barrel

Call (716) 793-9463 for more information or stop into our Westfield location


Custody of a genuine Five & 20 Spirits whiskey barrel used to age the spirit of your choice after the product has been finished, bottled & released. Signed & dated by Distiller Joe Nelson

Invitation to special adopter events throughout the production and aging of your specific product/barrel, including:
• “Meet your Barrel” private mini-tour of distilling facility and “white dog” tasting of unaged spirit
• Mid-aging tasting with Distiller Joe Nelson
• Final tasting during blending of product that adopted barrel is being used for

Two Bottles
• Two 750 ml bottles of finished product from your adopted barrel upon completion and bottling of product, signed and numbered by Distiller Joe Nelson

Official “Barrel Adopter” card entitling adopter to one year of once monthly wine/spirit sampling at our Westfield location for you and a guest including 6 tokens each for you and your guest.

Set of 2 “Five & 20 Spirits” 8 oz glasses and a Five & 20 T-shirt