Shape Shifter IPA: Ruby Moon

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Grain Bill

NY Pale Malt, NY Red Winter Wheat Malt, Honey malt, C-60, and C-120


NY Chinook, NY Michigan Copper, NY Cluster, and Azacca

Brewing Notes

This Red IPA uses various caramel malts and honey malt to impart a bold amber color, and dark fruit notes. It is mashed at 152F, which gives this beer a medium body. Aggressive hop additions in the boil kettle, whirlpool, and fermenter lend a balanced flavor with pungent aromas.

Tasting Notes

This IPA is amber in color.  The aroma is full of tropical fruit, with a slightly sweet biscuit note from the malt.  It is Medium-light bodied, with lemongrass and peach flavors, and finishes with moderate bitterness and hints of pine.

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