Lim Wit

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  • ABV


  • IBU


  • SRM

    5.5 (Golden)

Grain Bill

NY Pale Malt, Malted Wheat


NY Cascade used for bittering and NY Perle used for finishing

Brewing Notes

Brewed with a majority of Malted Wheat and fermented at higher temperature with a traditional Hefeweizen yeast and Bittermens A Very Friendly and Cordial Lime all natural cocktail syrup.

Tasting Notes

This beer is a hazy golden wheat ale, highly carbonated with a semi-thick white head. Lim Wit has an aroma that starts like a traditional Hefeweizen with notes of banana and clove, and it finishes with light lime. Also has banana and clove flavor to begin, finishing with slightly tart lime and a light refreshing mouth feel.

This is our take on the traditional Radler (German for “cyclist”), a light and refreshing “beer, cocktail.” Bike not included.

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